Maintenance Tip: Check water lines in the ice maker in the refrigerator

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check water lines in the ice maker in the refrigerator

Ice makers in refrigerators can often times get clogged with mineral deposits in the water lines. Forgetting to clean these can cause the ice maker to work harder making it more susceptible to wearing out. This problem can also cause the ice maker to produce less ice cubes and create a potential for a leak to occur, potentially damaging not only the ice maker but the refrigerator

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Quick Tip Friday- Water saving tip – Check your sprinklers

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We are in a drought here in California. A phrase I have been hearing my entire life, but I still take it seriously and try not to be wasteful.

I will be posting water saving tips as often as I can through the spring and summer months.

My water saving advice today is related specifically to sprinklers or watering systems and it is very simple.

Watch when your sprinklers or watering systems run to check for needed repairs or adjustments.

A few years back a neighbor told me about a broken sprinkler she happened to see because our sprinklers ran the same time she left for work everyday. We never happened to see it. Since then I try to check things out twice a year and it paid off this year. We ran a check on the watering system in the backyard recently and discovered a leak that could have gone undetected for a very long time.

As you can see in the pictures there was no obvious…

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5 Tips To Lower Your Summer Utility Bill

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Summer is just around and that means nice warm weather and hot sunny days. It also means air conditioning….and high summer electric bills. Here are 5 tips to help you lower your summer utility bill.

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The “M” Word

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The “M” word. Do you know what it is? Yes, that’s right: Mold. Mold is a major nuisance for homeowners. Mold can darken decking, rot wood, discolor drywall, or even be damaging to your health. Almost every home deals with mold at some point from a little bit in your grout, to a major infestation that forces you to evacuate your home for a time. The trick is to deal with mold before it becomes a major issue to your health and your home.


Identifying Mold:

Identifying mold is a key factor in maintaining your home. One easy way to identify mold is to simply look with your eyes. The most visible type of mold is mildew, which starts as small black spots. Another way you might identify mold is through your sense of smell. If you have a large concentration of mold, you will most likely smell it…

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Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

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spring clean up

Spring Clean Up

Spring clean up after a long winter

Spring is nearly here. The grass is slowly appearing from underneath the dirty snow.  It’s frankly, that “ugly” time of year.  It’s also exciting – new growth, new warmth, and new life.  After a long hard winter, everyone is anxious to get outside and get things cleaned up.  But where do you start?  Here are some home maintenance tips for spring:

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Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very dangerous problem that can happen in many homes with the poor air quality or both furnace. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be very lethal and it goes undetected most times. The almost odorless and colorless gas of carbon monoxide can seep into homes and poison individuals. It is very important to have either carbon monoxide testing devices in your home, or know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. But understanding the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning an individual can check for any problems with the furnace before Things get very bad. In this article we will go over some symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.


An individual is going to feel very dizzy when they are experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. Feeling dizzy is a very unnatural feeling, so if you’re feeling dizzy check your furnace to make sure there are no big issues to attend…

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Making your Home HVAC Green

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Green house-wr

In recent years many scientist have come to the conclusion that human footprint and climate change has a correlation. Everyone needs to do their part in keeping the planet clean. One of the main culprits are home appliances. Products like: refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and also HVAC systems.

There are a lot of ways you can do to help your HVAC become green and energy-efficient. By making some changes, keeping the cost of your energy bill can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on how old your unit is.

  • Replacing old Products: Majority of new equipment are better in both performance and energy-saving. There are tighter guidelines to follow in recent years compared to much older equipment.
  • Programmable Thermostat: You will notice a dramatic drop in energy usage when having a programmable thermostat. With the new thermostat you can rely on it when you are not…

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