The best way to be comfortable in your home


For most people winter time means more than holidays and parties. It means dry skin, colds and itchy eyes. This is due to having less moisture in the air in and around your home. The colder the temperature the less humidity you will have. Many respiratory problems get worse in the winter time due to this low humidity too. So what can you do to solve this problem? Can’t I just add more humidity to my home?

The answer is sort of. Adding humidity to your home can cause mold and other problems if you are not careful. The best way to manage the humidity in your home is to use a humidifier that is attached to your furnace. Your furnace is already set up to distribute air throughout your home so attaching a humidifier to it will ensure your equal humidity throughout your home.

So how does humidity really affect my home? 

As the outside temperature drops, so does the relative humidity inside your home – and less moisture means drier air. Relative humidity is the actual percentage of moisture in the air compared to the maximum percentage of moisture the air can hold. For example, if the air contains only half of the moisture it can hold, it is at 50% relative humidity. The chart suggests appropriate indoor relative humidity settings that an American Standard humidifier can help achieve in your home, bringing you greater comfort and welcome relief from dryness.

What are the main benefits of using a humidifier in your home?

* Provides potential energy savings during heating by making the air feel warmer, so you’re more comfortable setting your thermostat lower.

* Reduces static electricity so you won’t have any shocking experiences.

* Prevents skin, hair and nasal passages from drying out.

* Protects your furniture, woodwork, artwork, books, plants and other valuables.

* Lessens shrinkage of woodwork around doors and windows.

How does a humidifier work?


Humidifiers are designed to increase the amount of water particles in the air that is circulating through your home by having the air pass through a filter that has water running across it.

We provide several types of humidifiers that will help you make sure you have a comfortable home and great holiday season. 


Our Humidifiers are top of the line devices that will ensure your family stays comfortable at home. If you haven’t had one installed in your home or have questions about having one in your home call us at 801-915-4495! We look forward to sharing more with you about how humidifiers can help!


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