What’s in a Filter?

AC Repair Stafford

Changing or maintaining your filter monthly is paramount to having a furnace/air conditioner that works at an optimum. But there are hundreds of units, and hundreds of filters that go with them—and usually, only a few that will fit your unit right.  When choosing your filter, you have to look at a few things, including size, ratings, and types.

Most washable filters can only catch large particles, though their benefit is that you only need to buy a new one once every few years. Fiberglass filters are cheap and disposable. Though they’re easy to get a hold of, and while they can filter out large particles like debris, they have a harder time filtering smoke and spores. Pleated and electrostatic filters, on the other end of the spectrum, are a little more expensive but also feature mechanisms that keep smaller particles out, resulting in better filtration. Electrostatic…

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