Keep Your Heating System At Its Best.

Kim Troyer

Our heating systems have been worked over during this bitter cold winter. Remember to maintain your heating systems to keep your home safe.


If you have natural gas heating in your home, you probably know that natural gas has a sour smell (think rotten eggs). If you smell gas, it is important to be cautious because you likely have a gas leak.

Here are some tips if you should smell gas:

Avoid Flammable Items. Any spark can set off an explosion. Avoid turning on lights, igniting flames of any kind and do not shut down electronic equipment.

Leave Your Home. It’s not safe to stay in your home if you suspect a leak. Leave immediately upon the smell of gas.

Call The Professionals. Call your gas company or 911 from your mobile phone away from your home. They will come out to your home to inspect the leak and be…

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