Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very dangerous problem that can happen in many homes with the poor air quality or both furnace. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be very lethal and it goes undetected most times. The almost odorless and colorless gas of carbon monoxide can seep into homes and poison individuals. It is very important to have either carbon monoxide testing devices in your home, or know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. But understanding the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning an individual can check for any problems with the furnace before Things get very bad. In this article we will go over some symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.


An individual is going to feel very dizzy when they are experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. Feeling dizzy is a very unnatural feeling, so if you’re feeling dizzy check your furnace to make sure there are no big issues to attend…

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