Spend this winter without the flu


By Melinda Rogers
University of Utah Health Care

When flu season rolls around, Dr. Cindy Gellner sees a surge of patients at her office who’ve caught the worst of trademark symptoms: sudden onset of a high fever, muscle aches, sore throat and a cough.

The pediatrician at University of Utah Health Care often encourages families to get a flu shot before the virus strikes, but all too often, people tend to think it won’t happen to them. They skip a flu shot, only to be down for the count for several days with the flu.

“People will always come up with reasons why they won’t or don’t think they need a flu shot —whether it’s inconvenient to schedule an appointment, thinking the flu vaccines will make them sick and give them the flu, the children are afraid of shots, or they possibly think the shots are ineffective,” says Gellner, M.D…

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