Use Humidifiers to Combat Dry Air in Your Utah Home

Is the air in your home too dry? If it is, you can benefit from a humidifier, a device that increases the humidity level. Humidifiers are commonly used to relieve the symptoms of dry nose, lips, throat, and skin. The moisture that they add to the air also helps prevent problems associated with winter heating such as peeling wallpapers, static electricity, and even cracks in furniture and paint. If you are looking for a humidifier installation expert, you need not go far, because Genuine Comfort can help you.

Humidifiers | Genuine Comfort

What types of humidifiers are available?

There are mainly two kinds of humidifiers. One type is used to humidify single rooms and the other kind is connected to the HVAC system. The latter can humidify an entire home or commercial premise. Here is a little more information about the various kinds of humidifiers.

• Cool mist humidifiers

These are among the most popular types of humidifiers. They work on the principle of evaporation. The humidifier’s base contains a wicking filter, which absorbs water. A fan blows air over the wick and the water evaporates, adding moisture to the room.

• Warm mist humidifiers

A heating element heats the water, which turns to steam. This steam is then released into the room, to increase the humidity. If the climate is cold, a warm mist humidifier can actually increase the temperature. This humidifier is also quieter than a cool mist humidifier. Other types of humidifiers are ultrasonic humidifiers, vaporizers, and impellers.

Humidifier repair and maintenance services

If you are a Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Layton, Centerville, or Kaysville resident and if you are looking for humidifier repairs or humidifier maintenance, call us. Here are a few things that could go wrong with your humidifier:

The humidifier is leaking.

The humidifier is making a lot of noise.

The humidifier is working but the humidity in the room has not increased.

Genuine Comfort – Solution to All Your Humidifier Problems

If you need help choosing a humidifier, or if your humidifier is not working properly, feel free to contact us.

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