Preparing your Home for Spring

The groundhog told us this year that we’d have an early Spring, and if you live in Houston like I do, you’re already feeling it! As with any season transition, this is a great time to take a closer look at your home to see the condition of it and make any changes necessary. Consider these ideas for help in preparing your home for spring.

Take it from the top. Check your roof for any damage to shingles, evidence of leaks and general maintenance issues. Check the flashing around the edge of the roof to make sure nothing has shifted leaving any spots vulnerable to additional wear. While you’re checking up high, look for any damage to and evidence of clogged gutters and clean out as necessary.

Check for chips. Look for any damage to paint on your gutters, trim, and woodwork. If you see spots that need a little work, consider scraping the damaged paint, and priming and painting the area. Taking the time to repair spots of damage can help extend the life of IMG_0381your paint job so you won’t have to pay for a full paint job as soon.

Assess your air conditioner. Does this seem silly to you? Then you likely don’t live in Houston. 🙂 If you beat the summer rush on having your air conditioning system checked and serviced, you’ll likely find a good deal and not have to wait as long, not to mention probably preventing more major work that could have to be done later in the summer.

Wash the windows. Take advantage of the pleasant temps to wash your windows inside and out to get them sparkling and fresh. Clean your window screens and get the dust off window sills and ledges. While you wash windows, check for any possible cracks around the window that may need to be recaulked. Not allowing drafts in or out around your windows may save you a few bucks in energy cost, too!

Open for outdoor entertaining. Clean the outdoor furniture, barbecue grill, deck, etc. Make any repairs necessary so that you and your family can enjoy your outdoor space in the moderate temperatures. If you have a wooden deck, it may be ready to be resealed before another season of use!

Trim the trees. Before your trees and bushes have fully sprouted, trim them back to desired growth. This will help keep the shape you want, as well as keeping them healthy. Pay particular attention if they are near power lines, roof lines, or other structures.

These are just a few of the things you can do in preparing your home for spring. What other things are part of your seasonal ritual?

Source: Preparing your Home for Spring


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