Why You Need an Auto Changeover Thermostat

Do you have a thermostat with “heat/cool” options? Most homeowners have this option, which can be annoying when you need to manually switch over to the appropriate setting based on the heat/cool feeling in your home. With Utah weather, you can find yourself moving this setting several times a day. One way to eliminate this is by installing an auto changeover thermostat.

How Does An Auto Changeover Thermostat Work?

Nest is one of the most popular auto changeover thermostats on the market today thanks to its intuitive ability to learn your heat/cool preferences and adjust your home accordingly. You will set a range for the temperature in the home and if the temperature goes above a certain level, the AC kicks on, if the temperature goes below another level, the furnace kicks on.

These modern thermostats are incredibly valuable in the fall and spring when the Utah weather cannot seem to decide if it should be hot or cold! Some of the key features include:

  • Programmability based on your life. Turn the thermostat up and down a few times and pretty soon it will be able to learn what you like and will start to adjust the heat/cool settings automatically.
  • Conserve energy. Using a programmable thermostat is a great way to save energy as the thermostat will turn itself up or down based on when the space is empty, preventing excess use of the furnace and air conditioner when you are not home.
  • Mobile connectivity. Some of the auto changeover thermostats are designed to integrate with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can control the temperature in your home no matter where you are.

If you want to upgrade your homes heating and cooling system to include an auto changeover thermostat, contact Genuine Comfort today!

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via 20 Years Later, Woman Describes Effects of Carbon Monoxide — WNEP.com

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Importance of Furnace Cleaning

Why should I have my furnace cleaned?

Keeping your furnace clean can save you a lot of trouble in the future! We are here to help you with the not so pretty aspects of cleaning your furnace. We will clean your furnace coils and the tray in your furnace. Cleaning the tray is particularly important because water along with lint and dust can clog build up in the tray. This can then clog the drain, causing a backup which can lead to the water can spilling over and seeping into the furnace. This can cause a lot of inconvenient, costly damage. So, prevention is key! Let us help you keep your furnace clean.

Why is a heat pump best for my home?

Outside the US Heat pumps are the number one system used to heat and cool homes. They almost double the energy savings of normal AC units in the home due to their efficient variable speed features. The heat pump rotates, air around the entire room which helps keep the temperature even. It’s also super quiet, you practically cannot hear it working indoors or outdoors. When it comes to the outdoors the unit is much smaller and blows the air sideways rather than upwards like their traditional bulkier counterparts. This allows for the unit to be installed in many more places. It can be installed pretty much wherever you choose – under decks or even mounted on the side of a wall. During winter time a reversing valve switches the process up and uses the fan to blow the cold air out of the home and pump warm air in. The process reverses in warmer weather. This is the brilliance of a heat pump.

How is a heat pump different from central air?

Heat pumps and central air systems differ in a few key ways. The first is that heat pumps use front and a reversing valve to allow for both heating and coolingdepending on the temperatures outdoors. Heat pumps are far more energy efficient and maintain temperatures well due to its variable speed function. Unlike traditional central air units heat pumps do not need ducts, and that is partly what allows them to run so efficiently. Heat pumps also only have two filters right on them that you can easily clean out about once a month.


To learn more about us please visit our website by clicking here!

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It’s common to spend a lot more time indoors in the winter. Given that many Americans, on average, spend about 90 percent of their life indoors anyway, this can amount to a lot of indoor air inhalation. One potential problem with this situation is exposure to indoor air pollution. Just as there are many outdoor pollutants […]


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