March Maintenance

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It’s hard to believe that spring is only a few weeks away. Winter seems to have intentions of over-staying its welcome. While the snow still covers the ground (and hopefully starts melting away) there are a few projects you can get started to get a head start on spring maintenance.

Let’s start inside…
Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning
A good dusting or vacuuming of ceiling fans, tops of cabinets and draperies will have you ready to throw open the windows and welcome in the warm spring air.

Organize a Closet (or two!)
Personally, I tend to make a mess by pulling everything out before organizing. If you also go with the “deep clean” method, throw a coat of paint up in the closet for a fresh start. Closets can often become catch-alls, but they can be even more useful with a couple organized shelves or practical intention. Here…

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Tips to Prepare Your A/C for the Spring

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Spring is around the corner, and warm temperatures will have us switching from furnace to A/C in no time. If last year’s A/C bills were high, you may be looking for new ways to more efficiently cool your home. Here are some tips.

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Top Ten Common Repair Costs

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Woman-PaintingThis HouseLogic article by Lisa Kaplan Gordon covers the top 10 common home repairs most homes will eventually require. The article includes a brief synopsis of the job and estimated costs for labor and materials. This is important homeowner information whether you are a 1st time home buyer or a seasoned homeowner. I hope you find the article helpful. Let me know which repair job surprises you; share in the comment section. Thanks!

  • Top 10 Common Repair Costs

    In the life of every home, repairs happen. Here are the top 10 most common repairs that, sooner or later, your house will require. Read

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10 tips for a stress-free landlord experience

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by CRE 12 Feb 2015

A happy tenant makes for a stress-free landlord experience. Here are some simple ways to make a lasting impression on new renters:

1. Welcome note. You want the tenants to treat your property like a home, not just another unit. They will respect your property more if you respect them. Send a welcome letter or postcard after they moved in, telling them how happy you are that they are your new tenants. Provide your contact details on the card, letting them know they can contact you should a problem arise.

2. Provide a welcome pack. Stand out from the crowd by having a welcome pack, including details of local amenities and change of address booklets, which you can get at the post office. This also provides you with an opportunity to add important information, such as rules and payment information, but in a pleasant…

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Improve Indoor Air Quality by Reducing Allergens in Your Home

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When you have allergies or asthma, it’s not always possible to control all of your triggers but there are several things you can do in your home to reduce allergens and minimize your symptoms.

Control your exposure to dust mites. Encase mattresses, pillows, and box springs in zippered allergen covers. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, “Encasing mattresses works better than air cleaners to reduce allergy symptoms.” Bedding and stuffed toys should be washed in hot water weekly to kill the dust mites.

Vacuum twice a week. It’s important to wear a dust mask while cleaning and to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter if possible. When dusting, lightly dampen your cloth to help prevent dust particles from flying around. If you can, leave your home for a couple hours after cleaning to allow the dust particles you’ve stirred up to settle back down.

Most allergy…

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Home Owner’s Advice – Monthly Home Maintenance Schedule

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One of the most important investments you will ever make is buying a home. Therefore, if you already have a home, you should keep it in top form by carrying out regular repair and maintenance. Below are some home maintenance exercises you can undertake occasionally to maintain your home:

After Buying The Home

When the home is now your property, change the locks to improve security. The previous owner of the home may have made duplicate keys and this can bring about security issues. Also, create a fire escape plan for your new home. Get in touch with the local fire department for advice on what you should do in case of a fire. The department can help you create a fire escape plan after studying the entrance ways of your home.

Monthly Maintenance Routines

• Clean or replace the heating and cooling air filters. Check that the filters are…

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Choosing the Right Interior Paint Color for Your Home

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Choosing the Right Interior Paint Color for Your Home

The style of your home interior sets the tone for your living environment and how you and your guests feel when you are inside your home. One of the biggest factors to consider when decorating your home is paint color. Different colors better complement different types of architecture, and different colors create different energies and feelings within your home.

So, how do you determine which paint colors to use?  Here are a few tips:

  • Decide what theme or mood you want for your home. This will help you narrow down which color schemes to focus on. Do you want your home to be more dramatic? Do you want it to be brighter? Do you want it to be more colorful and fun? Do you prefer monochromatic ambiance?
  • Consider your existing furniture, art, and flooring. Select a color that will blend well with the current color of your furniture, so it…

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